Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Points 6 & 7

This is a 10point series on how to recognize the Right Man...although it seems more focused on women, I believe men as well can learn a few things from this...please start to read from the Introduction post below

Point 6
Remember that a man's family reveals the cloth from which he is cut. Take note and decide whether you want your future with the man in your life to look like his present family situation

Point 7
Check out the patterns in his life
Do you see repeated cycles of drama in his personal kingdom? Broken relationships? Problems in making committments? including the job market?

Mood swings? Is a problem always someone else's fault? Does he embrace responsibility or shirk it? Does he keep his promises? Is he a man of good reputation?

Remember all garments look wonderful hanging in the store, but with wear, some begin to unravel. Give yourself time and space to check out the man in your life. Time will always reveal whether or not he is made of the right stuff


Anonymous 8/25/06, 3:49 PM  

we dont really choose the families we are born into though....

DiAmOnD hawk 8/30/06, 9:07 AM  

i agree with you on that one belle.

I do think we each have to make a conscious decision to be different...because subconsciously...we tend to perpetuate the cycle of drama w/our families.

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