Monday, October 15, 2007

God is the Ultimate MatchMaker part 2


anonymous gal 10/26/07, 8:23 AM  

hey thanks 4 this.

KimPossible 11/29/07, 12:18 PM  

I brought one of my single friends that book "Boundaries In Dating" and it changed her life. I love Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend.

God is definitely the ultimate match maker. I have been married for 9 years to a wonderful man that God gave me.

My message to single women is always this:

Don't stop your life while you are waiting for God to bring you a man. A lot of times as singles you push pause on your life and you say, "I can't go to Paris because that is something I've always dreamed of doing with my husband." No, that's the wrong idea. Write out everything you want it in a mate put it in an envelope and seal it. And continue to live your best life. My husband and I got together but I was doing the will of God and so was he. We weren't playing with our thumbs waiting for each other to come and sweep the other off of our feet. I have seen a lot of christian single women think that the Fed Ex man is going to ring their door bell and that is going to be their husband. NOT!
You gotta keep your life moving. And hang out in different places and with different people. I always challenge single women to go out and date yourself. Get dressed and look fly. Go to the museum, the movies, the aquarium, whatever it is that you like to do. Have a good time, relax, enjoy yourself sit with your thoughts, etc.

You see what you did? LOL! How in the world did I get off on that tangent.

Anywho, keep in touch and drop by my blogspot.


Blessed Lady 1/7/08, 5:54 PM  

Hi DiamondHawk,

Please could you let me know where I can get this entire series from Bishop Walker? I would like to purchase a copy!!!


Blessed Lady

Anonymous 1/6/10, 11:35 PM  

i'm thinking of running dating site purely for the disabled

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